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Mauritius Film Development Corporation (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture)

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About MFDC


With approximately 75 production companies coming to Mauritius each year for their film shooting, the Mauritius Film Development Corporation acts as a ONE STOP SHOP for the local & foreign filmmakers by providing relevant information, support and co-ordination. The MFDC is the interface between the local authorities and the professionals of the film & audiovisual industry.


Short Film Competition

Bhojpuri is a vibrant living language of Mauritius. With the advent of Indentured Labour Movement as from 2nd November 1834, a great movement of contract labour Girmitiya – was set in motion from India principally, from the Port of Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam, Madras and Mumbai. The great bulk however came from the Bhojpuri Belt of Bihar and U.P. Bhojpuri language has been one of the major channels of linguistic kaleidoscope of Mauritius. Bhojpuri has been and is a popular lingua franca of Mauritius...
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The “I Am Better” program is conducted in different formats: workshop, talks and awareness camps. We now wish to reach out the people of our country through the audio-visual mode. In this context we intend to collaborate with the MFDC to launch the 2nd Edition of the “I Am Better” short Film Competition at a national level.….
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After the remarkable success of the 1st, 2nd  ,3rd and 4th Editions of the Intercollege Film Competition in the respective years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, the MFDC is now launching the 5th Edition of the Intercollege Film Competition on 18th March 2020. This film Competition is designed to give young students a chance to tell their stories while discovering and enhancing their skills as scriptwriters, filmmakers, actors, editors….
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Every year on 18 April, the International Day for Monuments and Sites is celebrated. The event was initiated by ICOMOS in 1972 and ratified at the 22nd UNESCO General Conference in 1983. This special day offers an opportunity to local communities and individuals to consider the importance of cultural heritage to their lives, identities and communities, and to promote awareness of its diversity and vulnerability and the efforts required to protect and conserve it.

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Road Safety - Short Film Competition 2020

The short film competition on road safety focus on RESPECT and COURTESY ON THE ROAD. It highlights that, courtesy and respect for road users make, walking, riding and driving secure and more enjoyable.  More importantly the roads would be safer. Safer driving, riding or walking, is all about respecting others on the road as well as the road rules. Too many crashes are caused by lack of respect, courtesy and impatience.

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Further to the success of the 1st, 2nd ,3rd and 4th Editions of the 7 Day challenge, the Mauritius Film Development Corporation is launching the 5th Edition of the 7 Day challenge 2019 on 5th December 2019.  Filmmakers will have to produce a short film in Seven (7) days. The basic idea of the 7 Day Challenge Competition 2019 is - to write, produce and edit a short film in just one week using an assigned genre and theme given by the MFDC.



Bhojpuri Short Film Competition

A Bhojpuri Film Award Ceremony will be held on the occasion of the Bihar Diwas 2019 on Sunday 26th May 2019 organized by the Bhojpuri Speaking Union in collaboration with the Indian High Commission and the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC) to mark this event. It would be henceforth an annual event.


La Sécurité Routière Short Film Competition 2019

The short film completion on road safety focus on the effects after a road crash. It highlights that apart from the physical and psychological impacts, accidents cause a major impact on a person's family life, emotional, career and financial circumstances.