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Mauritius Film Development Corporation (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture)

Domaine De L Etoile

The visitors of “Domaine de L’Etoile” are those who describe it best. A unique and natural land which submerges you at the core of a green, authentic and captivating Mauritius. “Splendid, extraordinary, astounding, magical, amazing”: these superlatives describe the emotions that invade our hosts during their excursions on foot or during their itinerary by horse riding or Quad bikes. The spectacular panorama, indigenous forests, bountiful valleys, sparkling rivers, stags from Java and endemic birds are the wonders which pass in front of their eyes.

Domaine Du Chasseur

At Anse jonchée, in the southeast, high in the hills ocerlooking vieux Grand port Bay, lies Domaine de Chasseur. It contains of 3000 acres of tropical forest inhabited by Javanese stags, wild boars, monkeys and birds,. Among which is the early extinct Mauritian Kestrel. This enchanting place offers chalets and restaurants facilities and is a must for hunters and nature lovers.

Salt Marshes

Saltmarshes are integrated part of the Rivière Noire village landscape. Owing to the exceptional high amount of sunshine the district receives, the salt producing companies chose it as their natural salt production area. You will be able to admire the surprising balletic movements enacted by the dozens of women daily in the saltpans.

Domaine Les Pailles

Ten minutes from South of Port-Louis, the capital, nested in the Pailles Valley, lies the nature park of Domaine Les Pailles, stretching over 1500 hectares. The Domaine also offers adventurous rides in 4x4s or horse rides. The five restaurants of the Domaine represent excellent multicultural cuisines: The Fu Xiao – Chinese, Dolce vita – Italian, Indra – Indian, Canelle – European and last but not least, The Clos St Louis – European and Creole. Some other activities are also on the list: the casino, swimming pool, mini golf and stables 

Champ De Mars

The “Champ de Mars” was founded in 1812 by the English Colonel Draper, and is the most ancient hippodrome of the south hemisphere and the second in the world.  From March to December, the horse-race season attracts thousands of Mauritians and visitors mainly for betting. It was at Champ de Mars that the Independence of Mauritius was announced in 1968.