1. What documents need to be submitted before authorisation for shooting is granted?
(i) A filled in film shooting application form
(ii) A shooting schedule (with dates and locations selected)
(iii) A synopsis of the film to be shot
(iv) A list of film crews and equipment & props to be used (ATA Carnet)

2. How long does it take to process the film shooting application form?
As per Regulations 2001:

  • For Advertisement or Commercial film – 1 week;
  • For Documentary film – 2 weeks
  • For Feature film – 3 weeks; before shooting is due to start

3. How much does it cost to process the film shooting application form?
Our services are free of charge

4. Does the crew/production needs a VISA to come to shoot in Mauritius?
Go to link section

5. Is there any rental company for film shooting equipment in Mauritius?
Yes – There is one South African based company known as Media Film Service. For more information contact Mr Richard Sysum on (230) 5-980-9886