1st EDITION - 7 Day Challenge 2015
*It’s a Week of Adrenaline, Fun and Creativity*
1.             The Concept
The Challenge is here.  While Filmmakers will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 7 days, they will also be called upon to put together their efforts and coordinate themselves in a manner to showcase their talents in the short span of time and within the remits of the 7 days.  7 Day Challenge 2015 is all about writing, directing, producing and editing a short film just a week using an assigned genre and theme given by the MFDC.  The sense of accomplishment is tremendous – and the crew will celebrate by watching his/her short film on MBC/Myt and the best film will be screened on the Award Night to be organized by the MFDC in 2016.
2.             Objectives
§  To promote local production, art direction and assess the technical film making skills in Mauritius;
§  To encourage creativity among the filmmakers;
§  To cause new talents to surface;
§  To boost the nascent film industry; and
§  To create a film market in Mauritius.
3.             Team Composition
The challenge is a team exercise which may include the producer, the scriptwriter, the director, artists, technicians and the team will have to make its own arrangement for equipment.
4.             Participants
The Challenge is strictly open to Mauritian Nationals who are ordinarily resident in the island of Mauritius.
5.             Category:  Fiction
6.             Theme: “Social Issues”
7.             Language:  English, French, Creole, Bhojpuri or any other language commonly spoken in Mauritius.
8.             Number of Entry
A maximum of 2 entries per team. Each entry should be submitted separately
9.             Restriction
The MFDC shall not accept entries of –
§  Pornographic character
§  Instilling racial animosity
§  A political nature or canvassing for a particular political stand or party
10.           Duration
13 minutes excluding end credits
11.          Format and Requirements
The films shall be submitted on DVD or Pen Drive in 2 copies and should be of Broadcast HD Quality.  They should be placed in a sealed envelope and signed by the Producer and submitted together with a signed Declaration Form.
12.          Further Agreement
So as to promote the short films locally and internationally, the MFDC will require the Producers to enter into agreements duly prepared by its Legal Advisers so as to protect the rights of the parties.
13.          Deadlines are as per below
For submission of the Registration Form: Tuesday 1st December 2015 at 18.00 hours.  The  Registration Form  can be submitted electronically, in hard copy or by fax so long it reaches MFDC by the above deadline.
For submission of the Film: Wednesday 9th December 2015 at 16.00 hours to MFDC seat at Floreal.
14.          Payment
The short film qualified under the 7 day Challenge 2015 will be viewed by the Board of  MFDC.  Upon satisfying the conditions in this guideline and upon signature of relevant documentation, the producer will be entitled to a cash payment of Rs50,000 each.
15.          Declaration Form
Upon submission of the film, the Producer(s) must sign and submit the declaration form together with the list of his/her film crews in the sealed envelope.
16.          Broadcast and Participation in Film Festivals
By entering into this challenge, all parties agree that the works of art can be further broadcasted.  The MFDC reserves the rights to broadcast the said films in audiovisual media and/or film festivals.  Proceeds from such broadcast, if any, shall be equally shared between the Producer and the MFDC.
17.          Award Ceremony
All films will be judged by TV audience through a voting system by Orange.  The public will have a delay of up to 7 days to vote after having viewed the films on MBC and Myt.  The audience will be required to judge on the following categories:
            Best Film
            Best Script
            Best Actor
            Best Actress
            Best Cameraman
            Best Editor
            Best Director
An Award ceremony will be organized in order to award prizes to different categories as mentioned above.